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Learning Videos

Educate, empower, yourself with the stock market essentials before making investments


Option & Open Interest Wall

Helps professionals as well as investors who are not comfortable with numbers to design their derivatives trading strategy based on Charts.


Customized Charts - Technical

Customized technical charting based on company’s financials and fundamentals for easy understanding


Stock Specific News

Track all the news, corporate announcements, financial and fundamental updates related to a particular stock or company with a single click

About Stock Book

Want to invest in Stock Markets? But don’t know from where to start and how to invest? Download the Stock Book app now, as it has answers to all the queries related to stock market investments. Stock Book App helps to understand and learn all terms of the stock market. Supporting parties to the stock markets - student, investor, trader, analyst, to gain knowledge about Stocks and Stock markets and then make Informed Independent decision.

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Stock Book empowers investors as well as traders with the knowledge, skills, information and updates regarding stocks and stock markets at your fingertips.

Gain Knowledge and Skills from market experts, analyze and then invest smartly.

Get Stock Specific as well as general news and updates on the go.

Design your own Investment Strategy and select quality stocks for investments by looking at the Star rating feature and know the ratings of your Stock Portfolio as well.

Exclusive Features

Stock Book is pre-loaded with Exclusive features that help investors make informed yet independent decision.

Star Rating

Just by viewing the star rating on the app, one can understand the risk involved and take an informed decision to invest in stock.

SBIQ robotics

Find out a stock's market sentiment, based on the SBIQ Policy.


Study the scrips charts and create your own portfolio to monitor the price movements of all the companies of your interest.

Technical Charts

Best charts and Trading tools, to decide on profitable trades and investments.


Stay updated with all the daily Indian and Global markets news and never miss an opportunity to invest in specific stocks.

Financial History

Shows financial history of the company, book value, face value, sector allocations, numericals, research reports etc.

Become an Independent Investor via the Educational Videos of Learn feature

Learn all about stocks and stock markets before making an investment decision through the Learn feature of the application which contains;

Basics by Ms. Mandira Bedi

Fundamental Research by Mr. Prakash Diwan

Technical Analysis by Dr. C K Narayan

Who Can Use

Graduate, Undergraduate and
Post graduate students
wishing to know all about
Stock markets from basics to
fundamental and technical
analysis can use the Learn


Investors can make
informed investment decisions
by using the Learn feature
first and then studying
the Star rating assigned to
their favourite stocks.


Traders can use the charts,
technical charting, financials
and fundamentals for making
trade decisions in Cash as
well as F&O segment.


Analysts can study various
financials, stock specific news
features, FII/DII activities to
enhance their research on
specific stocks and can give
buy and sell calls accordingly.


Our Pricing Plans are Flexible

Basics by Ms.Mandira Bedi


Fundamental Research by Mr. Prakash Diwan

₹ 399

Technical Analysis by
Dr. C K Narayan

₹ 1399

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