A host of Investing Opportunities knocking the door in 2019

Investing Opportunities

A brand-new year – 2019 has arrived. As usual, we feel happy about new beginnings, enjoy, do parties, make new resolutions, etc. This year let’s do things a bit differently.

New Year comes with a host of opportunities, 365 days, 365 fresh opportunities to be precise. This year not only make this one resolution, but also strictly follow it.

A resolution that can change your financial status – from being dependent to being independent. From working for money to putting money to work for you. Yes, we are talking about Investing.

Not only investing, but investing in Indian Equity markets.

A headline from Global Media house clarifies –

Asia’s Best Performing Stock Market Rides on Local Support, Sensex gained over 6% this year against 17% decline in the MSCI emerging market index.

To be the best, invest in the best.

2019 is going to be a remarkable year for the Indian Equity markets as general elections are lined up. Political Uncertainties can bring in lots of investing opportunities.

The year passed by has been a year of Correction and Volatility in the Indian Markets. As a result, we began the year 2019, on a subdued note.

The Indian Economy in totality has laid the foundation for improved formalization, financialization and efficiency levels through GST, Demonetization and Digitization respectively. The three above put together ensure growth for the economy in the coming days.

Following are the key indicators of fruitful and prosperous 2019 for the markets:

  1. Small Cap, Mid Cap and Large Cap Indices are at their historical valuations as against the beginning of 2018 when they were trading at reasonably high premiums.
  2. Govt.’s announcements of Recapitalization of PSU Banks can also act as a positive for PSU Banks and economy.
  3. Capital Goods Segment lined up with Excellent Order Books.
  4. The Crisis created by IL&FS has been contained.
  5. Tariff War between US and China is a big positive for India
  6. Crude Prices have corrected from all time high levels and are much under control
  7. Rupee has appreciated against dollar
  8. While the FIIs exited from Indian markets in 2018, Domestic Investors continued to remain bullish
  9. The NPA issues have been peaked out from the economy to a greater extent.
  10. The General Election Results which are uncertain also bring in growth in the investments for long term is certain

India still has a huge opportunity for picking the emerging companies, small and mid-caps and creating multi-baggers which will result in various investment opportunities for Stock Markets.

Welcoming 2019, Indian economy remains the fastest growing economy.

With more than $2 trillion in market capitalization, the Indian market retains its place among the top 7 in the world.

It’s time to #Investwise in Indian Stock Markets with #StockBookApp and reap the fruits

Note : Expressed above are just views for Stock Markets for 2019, from investing perspective, should not be taken as a recommendation.

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