Equity Investing – Transformation from Luxury to Necessity

Calendar Year 2020, has been a year not to remember for most of us across the globe. Especially for India, starting from the Union Budget, COVID Pandemic, Cyclones and what not have come up as hindrance to health, wealth, and happiness. But, as they say, “Amidst the dark clouds, there always lies a silver lining”

Amidst the Covid Pandemic induced lockdowns, when every industry and economy as a whole was locked-up. It was Mr. Market across the globe, that gave people an opportunity to invest and earn substantial returns on investments. Due to the sudden pandemic breakdown, which came as a shocker to Mr. Market, indices, across the globe fell heavily over March and April 2020, which turned out to be a blessing in disguise for all those who were in search for lower levels to make investments and also for the first-time investors.

For instance, below are the charts depicting the moves of Indian Benchmark Indices where one can clearly see how Mr. Market moved investors from Rags to Riches within a period of 8 to 9 months from March 24, 2020 to November 26, 2020

Charts Courtesy: Trading View

With gradual phases of unlocks happening across the globe, economy, industry and services getting back on track of pre-covid levels, Mr. Market started the transition from all-time lows to all-time highs and even making new highs with major events such as Central Banks Liquidity easing policies, Governments’ Fiscal Stimulus, US Elections, Consumption picking up, etc.

The COVID Pandemic came as a lesson to all those who were following the approach of Earn-Spend-Save-Invest (ESSI) and made them change the approach to Earn-Invest-Save-Spend (EISS). Those who were of the opinion of Equity Investing is Gambling, understood the importance of early and independent, research-based and goal-based investing.

We all have witnessed the Exchanges, Investment Advisors, Brokers, Mutual Fund Houses & Distributors, Market Regulators, etc making constant efforts for raising the investing and investors confidence in Equity as an asset class through various Investor-centred Activities, Seminars, Conclaves in the past but the positive effects of the same is what the world is witnessing now.

We are now witnessing the shift of investor sentiment of Equity investment being a Luxury to becoming a necessity in the changing times owing to;


  1. pandemic (suddenly people became free to research and invest in markets) and
  2. very low interest rates (forced people to look at other investment avenue for their savings)


Equity as an asset class has now gained importance and got the driving seat on the path of wealth creation amongst other asset classes for the investors. We at Stock Book App are delighted to be a part of the Existing and Budding Independent Equity Investors’ Community and helping investors gain the right knowledge, tools and techniques from the eminent industry experts, get the best of both worlds – Fundamentals and Technicals with tools such as Star-Rating & SBIQ.

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