Investing Lessons from the Shuttle Queen of India – P V Sindhu

India’s Shuttle Queen, one of India’s biggest sports personalities, badminton player P V Sindhu, is the most talked-about person these days.  After her recent win at the BWF World Championships, when she became the first Indian to win gold at the said championship, her dominance and brand value shot up further and more brands approached her for endorsements and promotions. But, the athlete herself and her agency believe in a longer-term view on brand associations.

Here comes the first learning for the equity investors. Like Sindhu, as an investor, we all have a lot many options to invest across stocks and sectors. But as investors, you have a greater responsibility of being aware of the differentiating factors between quality stocks and junk stocks and maintaining a long-term view on the shares you select to invest in.

Sindhu quotes –

All of this is a by-product of the success on the court. The racket speaks at the end of the day


The second learning for the investors is to concentrate in quality stocks and hold on to them for the long-term. Temporary upward or downward movements should be avoided. The returns that you will generate at the end, will be enough to achieve your financial goals. Wealth-creation, in turn, will become a by-product of disciplined long-term investment.

R Ramakrishnan, the co-founder, and director of Baseline Ventures, which manages Sindhu’s brand portfolio quotes another gem –

Longevity of partnership is of paramount importance as it sends the right message. More importantly, longer the tenure of partnership, more emotionally vested both the athlete and the brands are. All brands also enjoy equal voice


In the context of investors, “Longevity” means Long-Term and “Partnerships” means Partnership with quality stocks and stock markets; i.e. staying invested in the stock markets. They say – Time in the market is more important than timing the market. By holding on to equities for a long time, you give enough time to your investments to grow and surpass the temporary slowdown, crisis, knee-jerks and bloodbaths owning to various domestic and global situations.

In conclusion, Focus, Longevity and Appropriate selection are the key to making an Investwise decision – be it on the badminton court, brand endorsements or equity investing. So, download the Stock Book App now and ensure every investment in stock markets be a wise investment.

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