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The reason behind the creation of Stock Book is to empower an Investor so that no investor gets cheated by fake SMS and WhatsApp tips from fake agencies and Sales staff of Broking Companies.

With Stock Book, the team gives the power to empower yourself about the knowledge and skills required before entering the Stock Markets via direct equity Investment route. With Stock Book, the investor has the power to take independent investment decisions.

Amidst all the Stock Market related apps available in the market, Stock Book not only keeps the investor updated about the current stock market view, but also helps him create a Systematic Investment Strategy (SIS) for himself, suitable to his risk bearing capacity linked with financial goals

It also educates the first time investors about the merits and demerits of Stock Markets, mechanism, enables them to learn about Fundamental and Technical Analysis from Market experts – Mr. Prakash Diwan and Dr. C K Narayan.

One such feature that keeps this feature ahead of the rest is the Star Rating. Star Rating helps an investor check whether the stocks selected by him fall under the category of “Khatron Ke Khiladi” and if he is risk-averse (afraid of taking the risk) investor, he can avoid investing in such stocks.

Star Rating feature according to SBIQ Policy:


The way a consumer checks star ratings for consumer durable products, for its energy efficiency, now you can check the star ratings for your stocks for better risk management purposes. The logic here remains the same – Zyada Stars ka matlab hai kam khatra

SBIQ Policy rates the companies/stocks which are having a market cap of more than ₹500 crore, meaning that your investments are safer when you have star rated stocks in your portfolio.

A Star rated stock indicates least risk and thereafter with every decline in star rating, the interpretation is increase in the level of risk marginally.

If you are an investor who falls in the risk averse category, then you can stay away from the stocks which have low or no ratings.

However if you are a Khatron ke Khiladi and believe in Zyada Ka Faayda – Zyada Khatra matlab zyada profits” go ahead and invest in the stocks which have low or no ratings.

If some stocks are not rated because they are below the specified criteria of Market Capitalization, and an investor feels that the company is good and suitable to his risk bearing capacity, he may invest in the same. 

Download the Stock Book App now and explore this feature to become an independent investor and #Investwise.

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