Learn How to Invest from Yoga traits

Yoga Traits for Investing

June 21, every year is celebrated as International Yoga Day across the globe. Yoga offers various benefits. Practicing Yoga daily aligns our body, mind and soul.

Yoga traits in an indirect manner also enhances investments, which in turn leads to financial peace and well-being. Yoga is for all and so is investing.

You cannot always control what goes on outside, but you can always control the inside.

This is exactly what is required to maintain our health and fitness as well as for financial health.

Let’s look at how different Yoga traits help gain financial peace and freedom:

  1. Consistency: Consistency matters more than competence while practicing meditation. For investing as well, being consistent makes you win over uncertain times and maintain financial health.
  2. Patience: Patience pays in the long run. Yoga tests patience along with consistency. Continued practice of Yoga over various months and years, takes away weaknesses and enhances strengths. Similarly, investing also tests your patience during economic and financial volatility. If you stay focused on your financial goals and have patience you can reap handsome returns.
  3. Focus: Focus, target, aim, goals – most important trait for Yoga. The focus set forth – be it loosing weight or gaining weight or for curing an existing disease, decides which asana will give the desired results. Focus on set of financial goals to be achieved while investing. At last investing is all about meeting financial targets and well-being. Concentrating on the financial goals will help fight volatility and achieve financial peace.
  4. Flexibility: Knowing physical, mental and spiritual limitations before practicing Yoga helps adaption to various asanas. Knowing your risk-bearing capacity before making an investment, helps you stay flexible with your asset-allocation.
  5. Confidence: Practicing meditation and asanas day in and day out boosts confidence level. Regular investments with proper asset allocation strategy, promotes confident investing.
  6. Mental Calmness: Yoga promotes mental calmness in the long run. Regular investments in line with risk profiling and financial goals, helps stress-free retirement. Watching the investments perform well adds to your happiness and helps you stay calm.
  7. Improves Balance: Different Asanas of Yoga, together balances and aligns the body mind and soul. Appropriate asset-allocation while investing, adds the benefit of diversification to the investment portfolio. The result is work-life balance and makes you happy, healthy and wealthy at the same time.

Controlling inside to stay fit outside, is the mantra for fitness from Yoga. Use the same mantra for financial fitness as well.

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