Pearls of Wisdom for Investing in Stock Markets from Lord Shiva

Knowledge from Lord Shiv
  • Come what may you must never tolerate evil is what Lord Shiva preached human beings, similarly while investing in Stock Markets, no knowledge or half knowledge is a kind of evil which should never be tolerated, always learn and invest in Stock Markets.
  • Self Control is the key to living life to the fullest, in the same way, self control is also the key to success in stock market investing, when your desired price target for a particular stock is achieved, ideally you should buy or sell it and donot take your “Greed for more forward”
  • Keep Clam and Carry on – this is one such wisdom that sets you apart and makes you successful in personal as well as professional life. Be it any situation or crisis in life, if you just let it pass and keep calm, it will not create a havoc in your life, in stock markets as well, be it a bull run or a bear run or market bloodbath, just keep calm and let the situation pass peacefully without letting it mess up with your mind.

    During Bull Run, make an exit when you achieve your desired price target of stock and during bear run or blood bath in markets, seek to accumulate quality stocks at cheap prices.

  • Materialistic Happiness never stays for long, this is true for our lives, many of us must have experienced that, but isn’t that true for Stock markets as well? One should always look to becoming a long term investor in stock markets and not short term traders and speculators for assuring wealth creation for yourself and family. Prior to making a stock market investment, check for your and your family’s risk profiling and dependency status and make a suitable entry and exit strategy that brings smiles to your face and happiness in your heart.

    Stock Markets are not just about profit and loss, it also reacts to your emotional sentiments.

  • Learn how to suppress negativity carefully, there is a big mantra of “Stay Positive” across all circumstances as every Negative situation also brings a positive perspective with it. For Stock Markets as well, a bear market or a market melt down brings an opportunity for accumulating quality stocks at cheapest prices which helps in creating wealth at faster pace.
  • Desires lead to obsession and obsession leads to self destruction, in stock markets as well, the “Greed for more profits” will lead to a drastic loss in markets. Many times, investors turn to greed more than investments psychology, this is the point when greed turns into market declines and thus investor end up turning their investments into loss making liabilities. So, don’t go with “Greed for more” instead enter and exit the stock at a desired price level.
  • Respecting the Better half, in life as we respect and love our better half, similarly, stock markets also is made up of two factors – a bull and a bear and stock market respects each of them as both can be considerd as better half of each other.

    Without much of analysis, a layman can also anticipate a bear run if there is constant bull run in the markets and once the bear market is anticipated, a buying strategy can be implemented and even a bear run can be respected by an investor and after a long bear run, if a bull run is anticipated, for an investor its the time to strategize the selling position and exiting with profits by respecting a bear run.

  • Control your ego and let go off pride for living a healthy and truly wealthy life, learning is a life-long process, be it professional or personal life. In stock markets as well, there is no constraint to learning, however knowledgeable you are.

    Don’t try to time the market just to satisfy your ego and pride and show-off. Just time your investments according to market movements to get the best out of Bull-run well as Bear-run.

  • Do thorough research of something you are likely to get into, in life we do thorough research of every possible thing and person – be it about the company you are seeking job into or that of a life partner, so why not do a thorough research about the stock/company you are willing to make an investment into.

    Do learn about market basics, stock and company basics, financials, fundamentals and technicals and if thats something you are not familiar to, approach a competant and qualified advisor who can guide you and then make an investment decision.

  • Just as we face good and bad situations, moments of prosperity and crisis, a stock market is also linked to human emotions of happiness, greed, fear, conservatism, optimism, etc and is bound to Achieve new heights and at times wash off all gains, an investor at such times needs to understand, be it a bull run or a bear run, everything is temporary and this too shall pass and wise enough to guage the opportunity that lies within.

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