Raksha Bandhan and Stock Market Investments – A ten on ten relationship

Stock Market & Raksha Bandhan

India is a country known for its culture of Unity in Diversity, festival celebrations, joy, happiness and prosperity. Adding to this, the month of “Shravan” according to the Hindu calendar marks the beginning of festivities. One of such cultural and traditional festival celebrated here is Raksha Bandhan.

Raksha Bandhan celebrates the eternal and infinite bond of love, respect, care, safety and satisfaction between siblings and strengthens the bond further.

Just like Raksha Bandhan, Stock Market is a bond between Stock-holder and Stocks.

Stock Book studied some interesting qualities that Raksha Bandhan and Stock Markets alike. 

  1. Two Parties: Raksha Bandhan evolves around 2 persons effectively – A brother and a sister. Similarly, markets move around 2 parties – buyers and sellers.
  2. Long Term: A brother and sister’s bond is infinite. Similar is the relationship between Stock Markets and Investors as well as the Bulls and Bears
  3. Investment: A brother-sister relationship is an investment in love, care, security, responsibility and growth. For Bourses and Investors, also it is a relationship of Investing money to get better returns – growth together.
  4. Constant Relationship: A sibling’s relationship is constant amid the ups and downs of life; when it comes to markets, stock-holder also stays constant among the bull and bear movements.
  5. Mutual Understanding: Mutual Understanding between a brother and sister plays a crucial role. For investors as well, proper understanding of Investments in stocks is of utmost importance for fruitful gains
  6. Strength of Wisdom: A brother-sister relationship gains strength of wisdom and maturity with every passing day. For investors also, with passage of time and experience, the strength of wise investment decisions, leads to fruitful wealth creation.
  7. Support System: With a brother by her side or with a sister by his side, a sister or a brother, respectively is sure of winning any battle or crisis or life. An investor, by the strength of long-term investments is confident of managing any volatility.
  8. Sweetness: Celebrations of festivals like Raksha Bandhan, adds sweetness to the sibling’s relationship. Any dividend, bonus, etc on the investments adds to the benefits of stock-market and investor’s relationship
  9. Adaptable: Adaptability is one quality that binds siblings along the way with tradition. Siblings adapt to innovations and interactions that flow along with time. Share Markets also offer innovative products like Direct Equity, Mutual Funds (lumpsum or SIP), etc to invest along with changing norms and economy.
  10. Relationship for Generations: The Siblings relationship goes along the generations, i.e. beyond time the children of brothers and sisters also take the love, care and warmth of relationships forward. Similarly, the relationship of market and stock-holders also goes on for generations with investments in the name of their children or pass on the wealth to them at a later stage in life.

Going through these amazing insights of a beautiful bond on this Raksha Bandhan, Stock Book insists every investor to use the App and make Independent #Investwise decision in stock markets, enjoy and celebrate the bond of investments and wealth creation for life with #StockBookApp

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