Stock Investing to the tunes of Music

Music and Stock Investing

World Music Day, June 21, every year marks the celebration of various forms of music across the globe. Music is a medium of entertainment for us.

Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and which cannot remain silent

Today, lets glance through what music teaches us about stock investing.

  • Music is a form of art; whose medium is sound. In the same way, Stock Investing is also an art combined with science.
  • Music has different elements to it such as Melody, Harmony, Rhythm, tempo. In the same way, Stock investing also has integral elements such as Risk, Return and time.
  • Music comes in different genres and sub genres such as country music and country blues. Shares also have different classifications such as small-cap, mid-cap, multi-cap, large-cap etc.
  • Music consists of various forms such as Classical, Chants, Traditional, Popular, Religious. Stock Investing can also be offers various ways such as direct equity, Mutual Funds, ELSS.
  • Music relaxes our mind and soothes our soul. It can also make us dance to its tunes and express our emotions. Proper investments in shares, helps us create wealth, achieve financial goals. It also aids stress-free retirement, traveling to favourite destinations.
  • Music expresses what words cannot. Investing in shares fulfills our dreams and wishes and gives us joy and peace.
  • Music when learnt from a coach, helps better understanding and awareness. When we take the help of financial advisor or a financial planner to invest in stocks, helps us fight the uncertainties in markets. The awareness also helps us in avoiding investing based on fake news and tips.

Stock Investing is all about enjoying the music of ups and downs in the journey of markets on the way to fulfilling monetary targets

Happy World Music Day 

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