Stock markets bloodbath: A Blessing in disguise? Stock markets on “Stock Clearance Sale” mode

Stock Market Bloodbath

Like most of the market makers and market breakers, you as an individual investor will analyze the blood bath in the Indian Stock Markets as a downfall of the economy due to the LTCG Perspective of Budget 2018. In fact, that is not the case, of course, the reintroduction of LTCG Clause on Stock market investments and gains definitely has created a huge declining impact on the markets but still its not the only factor.

There are numerous factors responsible for the bloodbath in Indian markets such as the Global and Asian Markets melt down, US Market Crisis, etc. But at Stock Book, we believe in finding positives and acting positive in every market situation. As a result, today we bring you a different perspective on the markets which will inspire you to stay invested in markets.

First of all, check the below data about the biggest bloodbaths that happened in Indian Stock Markets till date excluding the recent one in February 2018.

Now imagine a case wherein an investor had invested as on August 24, 2015 wherein the market had the bloodbath of 1624.51 and had stayed invested till the pre-budget session of 2018, the kind of wealth is just out of most of our imagination. But that is how, the stock markets have always worked. After every fall, there is rise and after every rise, there is a fall.There are different perspectives that different investors, traders, brokers, brokerage houses etc bring in but the basic logic remains the same as depicted by the image below:

Put in simple terms, look at Stock Markets, the way you look at shopping for your daily routines.

When you shop for your grocery needs, clothing needs etc and you come to know that there is Sale going on in a particular store from where you buy, you rush to grab the opportunity and purchase maximum at discounted rates.

Now look at stock markets and especially the stock market falls in a similar manner, whenever the stock market falls substantially or does a blood bath don’t follow the noise, but follow the voice and use the fall as an opportunity like that of “Stock Clearance Sale” and purchase quality stocks at cheaper prices.

Don’t exit or redeem your investments just because your friend, relative or colleague sees no future to it. Remember, its upi who can create wealth for yourself and not anyone else. Opportunity knocks only once in a lifetime, make the best out of it.

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