Various Roles of An Investor

An investor in himself is the lead actor of the film called wealth-creation. Hence, there are multiple roles on board which he has to perform to small or large extent on his way to building wealth:

  1. Role of a student:

Before becoming an investor, an investor needs to become a student and get all the necessary information, knowledge and skills for becoming a thorough knowledgeable and skilful investor

  1. Role of a Financial Doctor:

Before giving medicines, a doctor checks for the disease that a patient may have. An investor, on similar lines, has to become a financial doctor and need to pen down the financial goals for which he wishes to make an investment.

  1. Role of a Designer:

Just as a designer creates customized design based on the needs of the client, an investor also has to create customized portfolio design which shall be in line with the time-frame, risk-bearing capacity and financial goals suitable to him.

  1. Role of an Analyst:

An investor needs to self-analyse the investment he makes into various asset classes viz Equity, Gold, Mutual Funds, Commodities etc. He needs to analyse whether the asset-classes, stocks, Mutual Funds he wishes to invest, are aligned to his risk-bearing capacity.

  1. Role of Executer:

An investor should ensure that not only plans investment on pen and paper but also executes it well by making actual investment according to plan.

  1. Role of Reviewer:

An investor also needs to ensure that he reviews his investment portfolio from time to time and make necessary changes according to the prevailing micro and macro conditions.

  1. Role of Reviver:

Going to the Third Umpire: Like cricket, when in doubt, an investor should go to a qualified Financial Planner or Financial Advisor for clarity and assistance to ensure that he is not going wrong or too fast or too slow on the path of investing for wealth creation.

Do you think there are more roles that the investor has to play before being an investor? We would love to hear it from you and incorporate our audience’s finding here.

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