What is Systematic Investment Strategy (SIS)?

Systematic Investment Strategy (SIS)

The Concept:

When we sow a seed to let it grow into a tree, we know that the seed will not  grow over time, it will take time. Not only this but we make it a habit to nurture it daily and make necessary changes when required. Over long term, we can see the seed growing up to a tree and giving us shade, rains, fruits and vegetables, medicines etc.

When it comes to investments and its growth, the same logic follows.

Savers sow the seeds of Investments from their savings and become investors. 

The above example of Tree, is applicable to financial investments as well. Financial Investments also need a time-frame to grow, investments have to pass through various bull and bear runs, crashes, melt-downs and then mature to grow into wealth.


The Systematic Investment Strategy Feature:

Putting this concept in place, Stock Book has created Systematic Investment Strategy feature. SIS enables an investor to invest according to the financial goals he needs to achieve keeping in mind the risk bearing capacity.

Through SIS, an investor can invest in the stock market keeping in mind the amount he will require for the said goal in future.

The frequency of investment can be set from monthly to yearly  in line with the financial goals requirement.

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